3 Tips to Staying Motivated While Job Hunting

3 Tips to Staying Motivated While Job Hunting

Job candidates want to know, “How can I stay motivated when I’m frustrated about not getting any job offers?”  

Are you struggling to stay motivated while you’re job hunting? It can be tough to keep your spirits up when you’re sending out resume after resume and not getting any responses. But don’t give up!  

This post will discuss three tips to help you stay motivated to keep looking for your dream job: 

  • Have a positive attitude—It’s easier than you think 
  • Stay organized—This really helps 
  • Network, network, network 
  • Bonus tip! 


Using an experienced, trusted recruiter-partner can help ensure that you’re not just sending resumes into a black hole. But we understand that job hunting can get frustrating at times.  

Actually, job hunting fatigue is a well-known phenomenon. The career advice pros at The Balance Careers summed it up recently: 

“It is easy to become frustrated or disheartened during a job search, particularly if you’ve been unemployed or job hunting for an extended period. However, it is important to try to remain positive throughout. 

Feeling positive will help motivate you to continue with your search. Also, your positive attitude will come across during interviews and networking opportunities, increasing your chances of making a strong first impression.



Maintain A Positive Attitude 

Remember that it’s not always about you on a personal level. Job hunting is about your search for the right opportunity and what that opportunity will mean for your career. Rejections will happen. Innoculate yourself from emotional reactions. 

Stay Organized 

Keep meticulous track of your job applications, networking events, casual referrals, informal, and formal, follow-ups. This will keep you focused and provide some valuable insights into what’s working and what isn’t. 

Network, Network, Network! 

No matter where you’re at in your career, you have a network. Make sure you’re using it. Your network consists of friends, family, former coworkers, colleagues, industry peers, and casual associates. Let your network know that you’re in the job market. The people in your network want to help you. Always graciously accept that help. 

As a recruiter, we always encourage candidates to exploit their networks. 

Time for the bonus tip! 

Engage with an experienced recruiter that knows you, your employment objectives, and the hiring companies in your space. 

The 619 recruiting team will help you stay motivated, take the time to get to know your career objectives, keep you off of the job board treadmill, keep track of your follow-ups, and help you network. 

That’s what we do, and we’re really good at it!


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