Accounting And Finance Recruiting

Specialized finance and accounting staffing services.

Accounting and Finance Recruitment That Works.

Financial professionals do a lot more than just crunch the numbers.

Our accounting and finance recruiters understand how important financial experts are to any modern workplace, making it critical to hire qualified accountants for the job. It’s these individuals who provide peace of mind, keep everything organized and compliant, and help you make smart insights based on data, not guesswork. 

Partnering with an accounting and finance staffing agency means you’re not just filling open roles with warm bodies. You’re getting the accounting experts with the specialized skills and the real-world experience you’re looking for. From accounting clerks and payroll experts to auditors and financial analysts, our accounting and finance recruiters can provide the professionals your organization needs.

Use our contract and permanent accounting staffing services to:

Add flexibility to your workforce, ramping up to cover seasonal demand and scaling back when the need ceases. Save time, money, and resources throughout the hiring process. Gain access to skilled, fully vetted accounting professionals who are ready to go on day one.

When it’s time to hire accounting talent, turn to the staffing partner you can trust: 619 Recruiting.

Land Your Next Accounting Role

Looking for work in the accounting and finance field?

Our accounting and finance recruiters make it their mission to find you a job that doesn’t just look good on paper, but truly checks every box – cultural fit, a great team, and room for growth, as well as competitive pay and perks. From cont