5 Tips for Making Great First Impressions at Work

5 Tips for Making Great First Impressions at Work

Are first impressions really important in the current world of virtual work and business?

Absolutely they are. And in this post, we’ll discuss several ways to make a great first, and lasting, impression at work.

Here’s what the career advice experts at The Balance Careers had to say in a recent article:

Never underestimate how important it is to make a good impression at work. When your boss and colleagues realize they can rely on you to do a great job, then you’ll likely begin to receive greater responsibility. That, in turn, can lead to promotions and raises.

That’s very well said. First impressions are a crucial part of any professional encounter, even in today’s professional world of remote work.

So how can new employees make great first impressions? We’ll provide several simple examples based on our team’s real-life experiences.

Start at the source. You always need to dress and look the part.

Obviously, different settings call for varying levels of appropriateness with work attire. You can rarely go wrong with a collared shirt and a nice pair of slacks if you’re unsure of what to wear outside of a formal setting.

Always be clean-shaven and cognizant of basic grooming 101 concepts, such as a business-appropriate haircut.

Just make sure you dress and look appropriate for the work occasion. And if you’re unsure, ask someone on your team.


After the first great impression a new employee makes on their boss, it comes down to attitude, demeanor, and work persona.

Bosses and team leads like employees who are on time, inquisitive, willing to accept new challenges, and team-oriented. And these qualities are just as meaningful with a remote workforce as with in-office workers.

Remember, your boss will enjoy teaching you something new as much as you enjoy learning it. So don’t be afraid to ask questions, this will also help you stay motivated at work.


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