Using A Recruiter—Myth vs. Reality—You Decide!

Using A Recruiter—Myth vs. Reality—You Decide!

Should job seekers use a professional recruiter or not?

We get that question all the time. And we always ask the candidate in return, do you want to:

  • Network on a Larger, But More Focused, Scale?
  • Decrease Your Time To Find Your Dream Job?
  • Have A Trusted Professional Assist You With Navigating the Current Hiring Market?


Before we get started, let’s look at what the hiring market will look like in 2022. Here’s what the HR experts at the Society for Human Resource Management had to say:


“The post-pandemic hiring recovery will continue to be tumultuous in 2022, exemplified by intense hiring demand, fierce competition for talent and an overhaul of the employee experience to meet candidate expectations.”

We agree. It’s going to be a frenetic hiring market this year. Employers, recruiters, and job hunters will face challenges. Hiring markets change all of the time. But at 619 Recruiting, our industry-tested processes stay focused on our client’s fundamental objectives.


Network on a Larger, But More Focused, Scale

The fundamentals of recruiting and hiring are pretty straightforward. Job seekers want to put their qualifications in front of employers looking for candidates just like them.

That doesn’t happen on the job boards, job search engines, or career help sites—with tens of millions of users, ATS automation tools, massive resume databases, and a lack of personal attention.

Personal networks are useful but limited.

At 619 Recruiting, we have personal and professional relationships with the hiring managers and HR professionals looking for candidates with your qualifications and capabilities.

We understand the hiring company’s culture in the context of your personal career goals, and we’re going to be there for you after the hiring process to help you be successful.


Decrease Your Time To Find Your Dream Job

A professional recruiter is your trusted go-to resource for all of your short-term and long-term employment goals and objectives. When you call 619 Recruiting, we know who you are and what your preferred work-lifestyle environment looks like.

We’re ready to go to work for you with laser-targeted searches starting day one.


Have Trusted Professional Assistance Navigating the Current Hiring Market

So what’s the bottom line? With a recruiter, you have a professional, personal adviser that knows who you are and exactly what kind of opportunities you’re looking for—culturally and professionally. This kind of relationship can last for the duration of your career and throughout many different jobs.

Are you a candidate looking for your next incredible job opportunity? Don’t leave your career to a roll of the dice.

At 619 Recruiting, we help clients just like you find their dream job every day! We might just have a great employer looking for a great candidate like you right now. Our team will help you find employment opportunities that align with your skills, experience, short-term employment goals, and long-term career objectives.


Ready to find your dream job?

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