Our Story

A business built on a foundation of hope.

Our Extraordinary History

The story of how the company came to be is anything but ordinary.

619 Recruiting was founded by Josh Monroe with the mission of modernizing the recruiting industry and providing exceptional service to clients and job seekers.

But the story of how the company came to be is anything but ordinary.

In 2014, Josh experienced the devastating loss of his son. But out of tragedy can come amazing things. The name 619 Recruiting comes from Hebrews 6:19: “For this hope is an anchor for our souls.” Hope is what Josh found amid his grief and hope is what built 619 Recruiting.

Josh and his son would spend Saturday mornings driving around looking at construction projects, a father sharing his passion for construction and real estate. And with ten years of recruiting experience, Josh decided to combine those passions with his own talent for recruiting.

And thus, 619 Recruiting was born. Josh saw a need for a national talent search firm specializing in construction management, real estate and property management – one that humanized the process while simultaneously streamlining it and delivering unmatched accuracy.

He was quickly joined by other leaders in the recruiting industry and other entrepreneurs who have a passion for helping people and building relationships/partnerships across the country. Together they started and built a solid and reputable recruiting firm. Today, 619 Recruiting has two main missions, to mentor and develop people both personally and professionally and to modernize the recruiting industry.

At 619 Recruiting, our focus is on building career partnerships rather than engaging in a transaction. We are passionately committed to bringing hope to clients who want to hire top talent and to professionals who are driven to finding the right career opportunity for themselves and their families.

We won’t stop until we have accomplished our mission. We hope you will join us.