5 Destructive Work Habits We’re Ditching this Year—And Why!

5 Destructive Work Habits We’re Ditching this Year—And Why!

As an employee, do bad personal work habits really negatively affect my job and coworkers?

We hear job-seeking candidates ask that question all the time at 619 Recruiting. And the answer is a resounding yes!

The HR professionals at Indeed summed it up recently:

“How you behave in the workplace can have a profound impact on your productivity, organization, success and relationship with others. While good working habits can help you develop in your role, have positive experiences at work and help managers consider you for promotions, bad habits can do the opposite.”


That’s an excellent summation. We would add that bad work habits can also have a deleterious effect on your coworkers.

This post will share five lousy work habits you will want to eradicate from your workplace persona. Get rid of these bad habits, and we’ll guarantee a more pleasant, productive work environment.

Remaining silent when I see elements of a negative workplace culture developing

Toxic work cultures are not formed or implemented by design, they develop over time. We always recommend that employers and employees stay vigilant in preventing negative workplace cultures from forming and metastasizing.

When you see behaviors like vulgar, threatening, or intimidating language, actions, etc., becoming habitual, it’s your job to speak up. If they become repetitive, report the activities to HR.

Remaining silent when I see room for improvement in workflows and processes

Speak up when you see room for improvement. Good bosses are always looking for pathways to improve workforce productivity and employee engagement.

You’ll also be perceived as motivated and engaged when you give the occasional timely, relevant suggestion to improve team productivity.

Letting myself become disengaged and unmotivated

We discuss setting SMART goals in a previous post. Setting attainable, realistic, relevant personal workplace goals is the best way to stay engaged and motivated. Get started today with your quarterly goals.

Letting myself become too accessible

We also discuss this bad habit in a previous post. All employees need to maintain distinct lines between their personal and professional lives. This process can be more straightforward than it seems at first blush.

Excessive accessibility can lead to burnout, frustration, and disengagement, so employees need to take it seriously.

Letting myself become involved in workplace drama

This is an easy but important one. To some extent, office gossip and controversy will always be part of the workplace. But that doesn’t mean you have to participate. Make the personal decision to stay out, stay neutral, and outright avoid office politics whenever possible.

And if you’re encountering too many situations that won’t let you ditch these negative work habits, it might be time to look for a new job opportunity.

That’s when you need to engage with an experienced recruiter that knows you, your employment objectives, and the hiring companies in your space.

The 619 recruiting team will help you stay motivated, take the time to get to know your career objectives, keep you off of the job board treadmill, keep track of your follow-ups, and help you network.


That’s what we do, and we’re really good at it!

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