Setting Boundaries for Better Work-Life Balance

Setting Boundaries for Better Work-Life Balance

Working remotely can be a great option. In fact, many job seekers won’t even consider an employer that doesn’t offer it as an option.

According to The World Economic Forum:

Many individuals are looking to employers (in 2022) to prioritize flexibility and skills development, including workers having the freedom to decide their start and finish times, to enjoy increased vacation days and fully flexible work options.

Wellbeing and purpose are also important priorities, with almost half of workers prepared to move to a new organization to improve their wellbeing.

But what constitutes a good work-life balance? That’s exactly what we’re going to discuss in this post. So, where can you get started?

Develop Discipline As A Lifestyle Choice

Flexible work hours and locations are a great option to have. The important thing is to pick your schedule and stick to it like glue. Work out your preferred hours with your teammates and team lead. Once that’s been agreed to, you’re good to go.

Cooperation goes both ways. If your team lets you have your preferred flexible schedule, you owe it to them to be available within those boundaries. And that takes discipline. Also, make sure you lend a hand when the team needs help to fill in for vacationing employees, leaves of absence, PTO, tight deadlines, etc.

Work-Lifestyle Balance Is Relative

Only you know your work-lifestyle boundaries. There are limits to accessibility. Remember, your home office is not a 24X7 call center. When you’re outside of your official work schedule, you need to be judicious about returning non-emergency calls, emails, texts, and other omnichannel communications like Slack, etc.

Stay Connected Socially

In a previous post, we offered several suggestions for staying connected socially. These include:

  • Get together for a happy hour—virtual or remote
  • Get to know each other better professionally with one-on-ones
  • Change your work environment if it’s not right for you


Work-life balance is definitely subjective, so do a little self-evaluation and develop some boundaries, disciplinary routines, and social connections that make sense for you.


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