Is a Hybrid Work Role Right for Me?

Is a Hybrid Work Role Right for Me?

Job seekers are increasingly exposed to opportunities to work in the office, remotely, or in a hybrid workplace.

As recruiting and staffing professionals, we see hundreds of opportunities for flexible workplace environments. We also see too many positions terminated early due to a poor work-lifestyle match.

In this post, we’ll share our observations on how candidates can evaluate personal work preferences in the context of their next awesome job opportunity.

But what exactly is a hybrid work model? The software experts at SAP provided an excellent definition in a recent article:

The hybrid workplace model combines remote workers with on-site workers, with some or all employees having the flexibility to choose where and when they work. In-office time may be allocated by days or by teams, or on an as-needed basis. According to Gartner, “where and when work gets done will be determined by what makes the most sense to drive the highest levels of productivity and engagement.”

One of the first questions we ask candidates is: “Where are you with your flexible work preferences?” This leads to a more detailed discussion of preferred work location and schedule preferences, including remote, in-office, and hybrid.

As a full-spectrum recruiting and staffing firm, we focus on placements in civil and mechanical construction jobs, commercial construction jobs, engineering jobs, government services, and just about everything in between.

Some of these jobs don’t offer remote or hybrid work opportunities. But for those jobs that do, we have some tips for job seekers who are on the fence.

What are some hard pros and cons of multiple physical workplaces and offices?

Many people prefer the variety associated with mixed in-office and remote work. For these employees, it is an extremely positive option.

But there are logistics issues to consider with hybrid work opportunities. Some of these include—commuting at least once per week, switching between two physical offices with different office layouts and systems, and two different schedules to manage in the same work week.

Combining commutes, office vs. remote dress and behavior codes, and using different physical offices and technologies all in the same week can create fatigue and a sense of exhaustion. While for some employees, it provides a welcome change of pace.

The bottom line is that consistently working from home and in-office in the same week can potentially cause stress and fatigue.

What are some soft pros and cons of mixed physical and virtual workforce personas?

There are also some less-obvious considerations with hybrid work. Are you possibly excluding yourself from advancement opportunities? Do you feel less connected to your team? Do you prefer face-to-face interactions?

The best way to gauge a hybrid work opportunity is prior experience. Have you worked hybrid previously, and if so, how did you like it?

If you haven’t worked in a hybrid environment, go into it with your eyes wide open, and have a plan B if it doesn’t work for you.

Regardless of where you are in your career journey, we can help. Are you looking for a side contract gig, a new job, or maybe a complete change of scenery?

Our expert recruiting teams know the national hiring markets intimately. At 619 Recruiting, we understand both sides of the hiring equation. That’s part of what makes us different from most recruiting and staffing agencies.

Our unique insights into the hiring markets add huge value to our employer and candidate clients alike.


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