Interview Best Practices: Addressing an Employment Gap

Interview Best Practices: Addressing an Employment Gap

Most job seekers have experienced periods of unemployment of different lengths. This post will focus on some tips and techniques to address employment gaps during an interview.

We’ll also provide a few suggestions on how to put a genuine positive spin on them.

But what length of unemployment is considered a gap viewed as a red flag? The answer to that question has changed significantly with the advent of the great resignation and the great reshuffle.

We looked to the resume professionals at Hiration for some clarification on employment gaps. Here’s what they had to say in a recent article:

11.3% of the jobseekers with no career gaps were shortlisted for the interview, as opposed to 9.8% for those with a 2-year gap in their resume – not that significant.

Even five years ago, a six-month gap would have potentially squashed the chances for an interview. The bottom line in the candidate-friendly hiring market in 2022 is that employers are looking for value from new hires first and foremost.

That doesn’t mean you won’t be asked about employment gaps of six months or more in an interview, though. So let’s discuss a few tips to explain them.

Don’t dwell on your resume gaps.

Job seekers with gaps of two years or more are still viable candidates. So spend a few minutes explaining the reasons for the gap, regardless of the length. Be ready to refocus on your current professional objectives, qualifications, and optimism about reentering the workforce. That’s what employers are really looking for.

Be completely open and honest.

Just be honest and keep your explanation brief and to the point. Employment gaps are often due to personal issues, like a personal or family member’s illness, etc. Explaining how you dealt with a real-world personal experience can also convey a sense of your grit, determination, loyalty, etc. These are excellent qualities that employers are always looking for in great candidates.

Honesty is still always the best policy!

Put a positive spin on your time spent away from active professional employment.

We talked about being honest about personal challenges that caused resume gaps. Some other common reasons are taking time away from work to relax and recharge, pursue further education, do volunteer work, etc.

These are all positive circumstances. When explained in the proper context, they will add value to you as a job candidate!

Are you getting back into the workforce after some time away?

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