In-Demand Engineering Jobs to Look Out For In 2022 And Beyond

In-Demand Engineering Jobs to Look Out For In 2022 And Beyond

Engineering jobs are on the rise, and opportunities for job seekers have never been better.

This post will discuss several engineering job sectors that offer very promising career opportunities.

First, let’s see what the experts at Top 50 engineering school Case Western Reserve had to say about the field of engineering in a recent article:

“An impressive 89% of professional engineers report being “satisfied to very satisfied” with their job, and 90% recommend engineering as a career path for a young person. But those are only two reasons to choose a career path in engineering.”

We’ll discuss why engineering professionals are in such high demand in the current job market.

We’ll also provide some interesting facts and statistics along the way. As a top engineering recruitment agency, we see growing trends in several diverse engineering disciplines. Let’s start with one of the fundamental engineering disciplines we recruit for at 619 Recruiting.

Civil Engineering

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, roughly 25,000 new civil engineering jobs will be created per year over the next ten years. The future of civil engineering looks bright when you compare that to the number of degrees awarded yearly, at approximately 21,000.

The combination of the deficit between degrees and jobs created, and the record numbers of retirees in the last two years, creates a perfect world scenario for engineering professionals in the workforce.

Infrastructure is also poised for explosive growth, with trillions of government funds being earmarked for projects over the next decade. That bodes extremely well for the future of civil construction jobs, mechanical construction jobs, and infrastructure-centric government services jobs.

There are many different civil engineering specialties, but the median salary for civil engineers is approximately $90,000 a year.

Industrial and Automation Engineering

The industrial Internet of Things, aka the IIoT, is exploding. Statista expects the industrial automation and IIoT market to grow by an astronomical $700 billion over the next seven years. That means industrial and automation engineering professionals will be in extremely high demand for the next several decades at least.

Currently, the median annual salary for industrial automation engineers is around $90,000.

Computer Systems Engineering

Computer systems engineers are on almost every list of the top ten technical job opportunities for the next five years. Employers usually don’t require degrees for these positions, with hiring decisions heavily weighted toward experience. Cloud experience, in particular, is currently in huge demand.

Median annual salaries IT for systems engineers are hovering around $100,000.

Opportunities for engineers and technicians in these and many other technology sectors are plentiful. Companies are having difficulty recruiting and hiring knowledge workers across the board right now.

Regardless of where you are in your technical career journey, if you’re looking for a job, we can help. Our expert recruiting teams know the national hiring markets intimately. At 619 recruiting, we understand both sides of the hiring equation. Our unique insights into the hiring markets add huge value to our employer and candidate clients alike.


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