3 Ways Automation Can Improve Your Search And Hiring Processes

3 Ways Automation Can Improve Your Search And Hiring Processes

At 619 Recruiting, we believe in hiring automation and AI.

But the real value we bring to our clients is our human intelligence, market knowledge, and the value we place on relationships.

Search, recruiting, and hiring automation tools are definitely valuable when properly leveraged and utilized.

In this post, we’ll discuss the value of automation software tools in the search and hiring process.

So what are the top three ways that automation tools can help hiring teams and human resources professionals streamline their hiring process?

Locating the right candidate pool and quickly narrowing the field.

It looks like we’re going to be in a candidate-friendly recruiting and hiring market for a while. This means locating and pruning the right candidate pool quickly is more important than ever.

Automation tools can help hiring professionals select and screen candidate resumes based on database queries and automated data search algorithms in applicant tracking software tools.

These tools can also help eliminate subjectivity and unintentional bias. But the most important aspect of reducing time-to-fill is locating the optimal candidate pool before starting your search. That’s where 619 Recruiting can help.

Automating candidate interactions.

Hiring teams always want to provide candidates with timely information, whether it’s good, bad, or indifferent. Automated communications with applicants are very easy to implement and will save your hiring staff time and streamline your hiring workflow.

These tools will keep communications from slipping through the cracks and provide a better overall candidate and employer experience.

Optimizing the interview process.

Hiring managers want to find the right candidates to interview as quickly as possible. According to Industry Today, the average time to fill open jobs is 42 days in 2022. At 619 Recruiting, our goal is to reduce that by helping you locate the right pool of candidates.

Automation tools help by tightly screening the best candidate resumes that meet your job description. We also recognize that candidates are getting better at matching their resumes to each specific job description with keywords and other techniques.

We can help with prescreening and vetting candidates beyond useful, but imperfect, automation tools. That’s where the human experience and hiring acumen of a professional recruiting and staffing company comes into play.

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