Remote No More: How You Can Adjust to Going Back to the Office

Remote No More: How You Can Adjust to Going Back to the Office

So, how many companies are enforcing human resources policies requiring all employees to return to the office?

From the latest research we’ve seen, not many. But there are a few caveats. Here’s what Forbes had to say about in-office employee work demands:

“A new survey of human resources leaders from the Conference Board, a nonprofit business research group, finds that just 4% said they are requiring all employees to return to the workplace full-time. And less than half (45%) said they were requiring some workers to return to the office five days a week.”

We are seeing a large number of employers asking their workforce to come into the office at least several days a week. Most employees are fine with that scenario but are slightly rusty with their in-office routines.

This post will provide three simple, fun tips for employees struggling a bit with returning to office work. So let’s get started.

Have some fun buying some cool new office clothes.

It’s time to get stylish again! Most of the employees we talk to are fine with returning to the office again. They’re just a year or so behind on fashionable office attire. So grab a friend and go shopping for several office-appropriate, stylish new outfits.

What could be more fun than a small shopping excursion with a friend?

Have some fun organizing and decorating your office space.

While you’re shopping for some cool clothes, don’t forget to pick up a few things for your workspace. You probably have a work-from-home office layout that you’re comfortable with.

Stick with what’s working for you! Use a similar layout in your work office. The bottom line is to make your workspace comfortable and ergonomic.

Maintain your work-lifestyle routine as much as possible.

OK, so no more PJs or full-time access to your pets, and your fridge and coffee pot aren’t within ten feet of your workspace anymore. You can still maintain a healthy work-life balance. Take a walk or two during the day and keep up with the healthy eating habits that you’ve established.

Also, use your WFH schedule for answering emails and other interoffice communication channels, like Slack, etc. The boundaries are different for in-office and remote workers, but they still need to be maintained.

We’re mostly seeing a smooth return to the office trend for companies headed in that direction. But what if you’re adamant about working remotely? The good news is there are plenty of great job opportunities, so get in touch with our recruiting team!

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