Writing Attractive Job Descriptions in 2022

Writing Attractive Job Descriptions in 2022

Finding exceptional knowledge workers is extremely difficult in the current hiring market.

And one of the first impressions of your company for prospective new employees is your job description.

The tech experts at Forbes provided some insight in a recent article:

Job descriptions tend to be one size fits all, bland overviews written from the company’s point of view.  This approach can be satisfactory for entry level jobs, but it will not hook passive job seekers at a higher level. For that, a hiring manager and HR partner should spend time together to really understand the business needs so they can write a job description that goes beyond lists of characteristics and requirements.  “Check box” approaches – which are far too common – lack sizzle. More importantly, they don’t work.

So how can you improve your open job descriptions?

Let’s consider some helpful tips.

First and foremost, don’t spend a whole lot of time telling potential new hires how great your company is. You probably work for a great company, but talking about it too much can be a turnoff.

Game-changing candidates are looking for challenging opportunities, an excellent cultural fit, work-lifestyle flexibility, and competitive compensation benefits.

The kind of candidates you need for your strategic positions will generally be passive job seekers. You need to challenge this level of talent and entice them at the same time. Let them know that you’re looking for game-changing employees.

Be open about salary ranges and additional perks like potential stock options, especially when you’re searching for exceptional senior talent. Communicate your culture and corporate persona clearly and openly.


Keep job descriptions narrow and concise.

We see a lot of job descriptions with 20 or more bullet points. That’s way too many! A tight, accurate job description will help keep the candidate pool just narrow enough to screen out non-qualified applicants but not so narrow that you scare any potential great catches.

And last but not least…


Transparency, Transparency, Transparency!

Hiring teams and HR professionals know that they have tight time windows to identify, recruit, and hire top talent. You’re looking for the perfect candidate who wants to work with your company as badly as you want to hire them. So act that way!

You’re going to be highly selective about who you hire. Let that come across loud and clear in your job description.

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