Looking For Employee Retention Strategies for 2022? Look No More

Looking For Employee Retention Strategies for 2022? Look No More

Human resources professionals tend to agree that replacing employees is a complex and expensive process.

So how can HR professionals take proactive measures to ensure their retention rate stays high?

In this post, we’ll discuss three simple tactics to make sure you’re retaining your top talent:

  • Hire Employees Who Fit Your Corporate Culture
  • Invest In Employee Retention
  • Be Proactive—Train Your Managers to Identify Issues Before They Cause Turnover


The workplace experts at Gallup offered some insights in a recent article:

Voluntary turnover costs money. But, as any leader or manager knows, turnover has many costs that never register directly on a spreadsheet.

Losing your best people means losing your reliable winners, your constant innovators and your most effective problem solvers.

That’s an eye-opening statement for sure. So let’s start with the basics.

Hire Employees Who Fit Your Corporate Culture

Hiring teams and HR pros need to be straightforward with prospective new employees about their corporate culture. As the old saying goes, “It is what it is!” We advise companies to talk about their culture in the job description.

Hiring managers can use this as a screening mechanism to rule out certain candidates who won’t be a good cultural fit. They also need to talk about culture proactively in the interview process. Remember, a poor cultural match is toxic to both sides of the hiring equation.

Invest In Employee Retention

619 Recruiting can help you identify the right candidates upfront, so you don’t waste valuable search time on prospects that are not a good cultural fit.

Use tools like anonymous surveys and employee recognition and feedback software apps for existing employees. This will help you keep your finger on the pulse of employee satisfaction, especially surrounding compensation.

Make adjustments to compensation plans quickly and decisively when necessary.

Also, offer options for remote work, flexible work schedules, retirement, and health benefits whenever possible.

Be Proactive—Train Your Managers to Identify Issues Before They Cause Turnover

Forewarned is forearmed in the world of employee retention. HR teams and management must have open lines of frequent communication.

Management’s early identification of potential employee issues that could cause turnover will save significant time, money, and resources in the long run.

For new hires, after compiling the detailed list of screening questions, the next step is knowing where the right pool of candidates is to start your search.

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