How to Vet your Potential Employer & Why it’s Vital

How to Vet your Potential Employer & Why it’s Vital

It’s a candidate-friendly market, so job seekers can afford to be somewhat picky about prospective employers.

So just how can you vet companies where you would potentially want to work?

We’ll discuss that in detail in this post.

No one wants to end up in a toxic work situation. Candidates need to keep their eyes wide open when considering job changes and new employment opportunities. Here’s what the experts at the Society For Human Resources Management had to say in a recent article:

Most companies recognize that they, too, are being sized up during the application and interview processes, said Matthew Burr, SHRM-SCP, HR resources consultant and assistant professor of business administration at Elmira College in Elmira, N.Y. “You should be interviewing the organization just like they’re interviewing you.”

So how do candidates size up potential employers? First and foremost, in the words of Shakespeare, “To thyself be true.” In other words, you need to have a keen understanding of what’s important to you from a job perspective.

Ask yourself what’s most important to you in a job.

We always tell our job-seeker clients to do a serious self-evaluation prior to a job hunt or career change. Is your work lifestyle as important as your salary? What about health and retirement benefits and remote work?

Know your priorities and stick to your guns when considering job opportunities.

Do your research on the company and the industry.

No matter where you’re at in your career, this is critical. Look at the company website, online reviews, and most importantly, use your network. Find out everything you can about the company’s culture and reputation among past and present employees.

We emphasize your network here because online and social media reviews can sometimes be deceiving.

Your recruiter partner can also be an excellent source of information. Remember, they know your overarching industry sector and the hiring companies—sometimes on a personal level.

Ask lots of questions during the interview process.

You’ve set your priorities, researched the companies you’re interviewing with, and now it’s time to go straight to the source. Be straightforward in your questions and openly communicate to the interviewer that you’re looking for a great cultural, personal fit.

Keep in mind that great HR professionals are looking for the same thing!

Go with your gut feeling—if something feels off, it probably is.

This is an old, reliable maxim. But it’s not infallible. If the interview Q&A seems radically different than your research and due diligence on the company, something may be amiss. Weigh your gut feeling and the other essential factors you want to consider.

Finally, decide based on the totality of the information you’ve gathered. Most of the time, you’ll get it right!

Are you a candidate looking for your next fantastic job opportunity? Let us help you find the right fit with your career and personal objectives as guardrails.


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