4 Questions You Need To Ask Your Next IT Candidate—And Why

4 Questions You Need To Ask Your Next IT Candidate—And Why

The technology sector is an ultra-candidate-friendly hiring market right now.

But there are some excellent candidates to be had. And hiring managers and HR teams need to be careful about who they’re hiring.

The tech experts at PC Mag offered some insights in a recent article:


“Although tech job hiring surged in 2021, recruiters continue to complain about a dearth of skilled people to hire and the high number of employees who are quitting as part of the Great Resignation, particularly in the tech sector. Human resource professionals are looking to address these difficulties in 2022, and they’re going about it in a variety of ways.”


We agree wholeheartedly with their assessment, and we’re going to discuss some of the ways hiring professionals can screen IT candidates.


Start with a narrow, concise job description.

This part is critical. HR teams and hiring professionals need to ensure proper vetting of IT candidates before they get to the technical interviewers. IT and software development are more specialized than ever before. Your job description needs to reflect that.

Also, make sure to Include any required tech certifications.

A tight job description will help keep the candidate pool just narrow enough to screen out non-qualified candidates, but not so limited that you scare away any potential great catches.


Here are four essential questions to ask all of your IT candidates:

  • How long have you been working with [ ]? [fill in the blank]—for example, Python machine learning tools, Cloud security tools, DevOps tools, etc.
  • Can you provide some work product samples for [ ]? [fill in the blank]—for example, code samples, Terraform scripts, RBAC scripts, etc.
  • Do you have two (or more) references we can contact?
  • Would you be willing to take a short skills test?


Be specific. Consult with your IT or development team to craft the right screening questions so you can fill in the blanks appropriately. The reference and skills test requests will serve as additional filters as you get more granular in the screening process.

After compiling the detailed screening questions, the next step is to know where the right pool of candidates is to start your search. This is where a trusted recruiter can help.

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