Can You Turn A Temporary Job Into A Permanent Job?

Can You Turn A Temporary Job Into A Permanent Job?

Temp-to-hire and contract jobs are attractive to professional workers of all stripes as we enter 2023. The reasons vary, but there are some core motivating factors for skilled job seekers choosing temporary work.

The experts at The Wall Street Journal added some context in a recent article:

“Nearly 80% of those surveyed by Upwork said control over their schedule was a key motivator for pursuing freelance work, while 73% said the same about location flexibility. A similar share said independent consulting allows them to pursue work they find meaningful.”

Contract jobs are prevalent as the talent shortage continues into the new year, and there are rarely any hiring freezes on contract help.

Frequent changes of scenery for professional workers, high-paying gigs for specialized skill sets, and opportunities for new challenges and learning opportunities also play a role in the decision-making process.

There is no doubt that the gig economy is here to stay. But what happens when you find a great contract job and want to make it permanent? This post will provide three simple tips for converting a temporary job to a permanent one. So let’s dive right in with tip number one.

Let your boss know you’re interested in permanent employment.

This may seem obvious, but try to understand the mindset of your team lead or supervisor. They may not realize you’re interested in converting to a full-time employee.

Even if your manager or team lead likes your work and thinks you’re a cultural fit, they may not be actively looking for someone with your skills as an FTE at that point in time. But we’ve seen many occasions where companies will create a full-time position for a contractor based on foresight and future requirements.

The best employers are trying to attract and retain excellent engineering, finance, accounting, civil construction, and mechanical construction talent in 2023. So if you’re in a temporary contract position and want to go permanent, make sure you let your team and your boss know about your intentions.

Suggest a transition to temp-to-hire.

Temp-to-hire is always an excellent way for talented contractors and employers to enter an official trial period to evaluate the potential of a full-time position. This will make the intent to fill a full-time position official.

That kicks off the human resource processes and the impetus and momentum to create the position. This is an essential step in the process and shows a definitive commitment from the hiring company.

Work with your recruiting partner to transition.

The whole process of going temp-to-permanent is much more seamless if you were placed by the 619 Recruiting team. And if you’re considering the possibility of working in a temp-to-hire arrangement, we’re here to help. Regardless of where you are in your career journey, we’d love to hear your story.


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