3 Tips For Improving Teamwork and Communication In Your Company

3 Tips For Improving Teamwork and Communication In Your Company

Hiring managers, HR pros, and executives know that communications and teamwork will be critical for success in 2023 and beyond.

But do poor corporate communications actually cost companies hard dollars? The secure business communications experts at Rocket Chat weighed in with some eye-opening stats:

According to David Grossman in “The Cost of Poor Communications,” a survey of 400 companies with 100,000 employees each found that poor communication between employees cost each company $62.4 million annually on average.

That’s a lot of wasted time and money. Then there are the silent killers—lost productivity, employee frustration, and disengagement that can lead to quiet-quitting and poor retention.

This post will discuss three straightforward tips to improve your communications infrastructure. And with exceptional communication, exceptional teamwork and employee engagement will naturally follow. Let’s go top-down.

Great communications start at the top of your org chart.

The quality and efficacy of executive-level communications will set the tone for the rest of your organization. The use of appropriate communication channels should be understood, documented, and practiced by everyone.

With the various communication channels available, like Slack, email, text, video, chat, phone, etc., the world of communications can get confusing for employers and customers.

Starting at the executive level, it’s crucial that every employee knows which comm channels are appropriate for what type of communication. This will depend on the communication’s tone, purpose, and intention.

Now make sure every employee is comfortable communicating at all levels and watch your teams increase their productivity. How?

Keep your lines of communication wide open and humming.

Textual messages on any platform can easily be taken in the wrong context or out of context. Important messages with complex contexts must be delivered person-to-person, either in a physical meeting, phone call, or video conference.

The bottom line is if there’s any doubt or potential ambiguity in the context or content of a message or communication, it’s always a good idea to pick up the phone or jump on a Zoom call to deliver the message.

Your culture should support, encourage, and reward direct, person-to-person lines of communication.

Make excellent lines of communication a part of your culture.

Constantly improve your corporate communications platforms and infrastructure with education. There are many online courses for executives and leadership at all levels, like those offered at Udemy, for example.

Excellent business communications will pay off in many ways, including increased employee satisfaction and engagement. Remember, it starts at the top.

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