How To Create A Positive Work Environment For Your Employees

How To Create A Positive Work Environment For Your Employees

Why are human resource and hiring managers so concerned about employee retention as 2023 approaches?

The experts at provided some insight into employee retention trends in a November article:

But recent data from the Human Workplace Index Survey by Workhuman shows more than a third (36%) of U.S. employees plan on leaving their jobs within the next year [2023].


HR professionals know how difficult, costly, and disruptive excessive turnover can be for their companies. So what steps can you take to improve employee retention in 2023?

This post will provide a framework of three simple suggestions. Here’s what we’re going to cover:

  • Start at the top with an attitude f gratitude for your employees
  • Create exceptional virtual and physical workspaces
  • Put yourself in their shoes


It all starts at the top with an attitude of gratitude for your employees.

Executive and management teams are the leaders in your company. Your employees look to leadership for acceptance, encouragement, and direction.

Leaders at all levels of the organization should meet with all their team members individually at least once a week on an informal basis to have an open, confidential discussion. These 30-45 minute meetings are in addition to other scheduled meetings.

Leadership will have a sense of what their teams are thinking, what systemic issues need to be prioritized, and what the overall mood of their piece of the workforce looks like.

And on the structured side, consistent, constructive quarterly (at a minimum) reviews should be used to openly, candidly, and objectively communicate the employee’s performance level. If performance is not optimal, a plan to improve should be presented with encouragement.

The bottom line? People want to know where they stand. Starting with the onboarding process, consistent communication from leadership is the key.


Create exceptional virtual and physical spaces.

Almost every workplace in 2022 is hybrid to some extent. HR teams need to be especially cognizant of creating exceptional employee work environments.

In-office workspaces must be shareable, practical, and comfortable for your hybrid workforce. And remote work technologies need to be always up, human-factored and customized for the employee’s role.

It doesn’t hurt to seek objective outside expertise to assist with these critical solutions.


Put yourself in the employee’s shoes.

Forbes points out that 55% of the people who quit during the Great Resignation didn’t leave the workforce; they just changed jobs. Don’t let that happen to you!

Your workplace and culture should demonstrate and communicate your core values loudly and clearly. Placing a high value on your workforce will reflect an exceptional employee retention rate and an engaged workforce.


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