New On The Job? 3 Daily Habits That Will Make You A Better Employee

New On The Job? 3 Daily Habits That Will Make You A Better Employee

Are you a new employee just starting out in your professional career? 

If so, you definitely want to make a great first impression on your team and your boss. Then you want to transition as quickly as possible into your new role as a valued employee. 

But what defines a quick adjustment to your new job? We looked to the career advisors at Eggcellent Work for some guidance. Here’s what they had to say in a recent article: 

A new job adjustment period is the time it takes for a new worker to become comfortable in a position. The term “comfortable” refers to job tasks and duties and relates to interpersonal relations with coworkers and management staff. 

This initial adjustment typically takes 60-90 days. So we’ve crystallized our years of experience in placing job candidates to come up with three excellent tips for new employees to transition into their new roles seamlessly. 

What’s the best way to start a new job? 

Be engaged and motivated to transition into your role quickly. 

You wanted this job and worked hard to get it. So you probably won’t find it hard to get motivated at first. Don’t be afraid to show enthusiasm. You’ll make mistakes as you transition into your new role, and that’s OK.    

Enthusiasm, engagement, and honesty will help smooth out the challenging road we’ve all faced as new employees.  

Always ask questions. 

Ask questions early and often. It’s easier to ask questions when you’re new. No one expects you to know everything during your first couple of months on the job. Try to be a sponge and absorb everything you can from your trusted colleagues. You’ll be amazed at how fast you catch on to the people, processes, and technology associated with your role when you ask tons of questions early on. 

Be patient and inquisitive. A year from your start date, you’ll be training a new employee and smiling to yourself at the progress you’ve made!  

Be timely. 

Timeliness means being meticulously punctual for meetings and calls and completing your work duties and projects on time or early. Remember, you will make mistakes early in your job. Your colleagues will respect you for working diligently and caring enough about your team to turn in your work in a timely fashion.  

Your punctuality will give your teammates time to correct your work and help you grow. 


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