What To Expect During The Direct Hire Process

What To Expect During The Direct Hire Process

Working with a staffing agency can sometimes seem confusing to job seekers, but it shouldn’t be.

For job seekers who’ve never worked with a recruiter, the process can look confusing from the outside, especially when the staffing agency provides different types of employment, like temporary, temp-to-hire, contract, and direct hire.

In this post, we’ll explain the process of direct hire placement and what an applicant will experience during the process. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The core direct-hire process in a nutshell
  • What type of communication you can expect
  • How we do Interview preparation
  • When it’s time to shine, you’ll be ready!

The core process in a nutshell.

As the name implies, direct hire job searches are intended to place you as a permanent employee, with full access to the hiring company’s payroll and benefits. That means a huge investment is shared between you and your new company.

So the first thing we’ll do with you, and all of our job candidates, is get to know you. We want to know you and your professional goals and aspirations. There’s more to the process than matching your acquired skills with an employer’s job description.

Many of our clients are looking to change their career paths or pursue a new direction. Others are just starting out. We need to know where you are in your career trajectory and where you’re headed.

We also want to get familiar with the type of corporate culture you’re looking for with your next employer. You’re making a significant investment of your time and talents, so we need to get this right.

After we get to know you, we’ll get to the basic blocking and tackling of the job search. This involves social media and resume prep. Your LinkedIn presence is especially important. We’ll also help you tailor your resume to each potential job opportunity. Next, we’ll use human intelligence and technology to match you with some exceptional opportunities.

What type of communication can you expect?

You can call your recruiting specialist any time with questions. But you can rest assured we’re working on your behalf, and we’ll find some terrific employers looking for someone just like you.

We’ll also be reaching out to you to discuss potential job opportunities, do job reviews, discuss resume optimization and tweaking, etc. Once we concur on the jobs that match up with you, we’ll help you prep for the interview.

How we do interview preparation.

We discuss this process in detail in a previous post.

Since you’re “interviewing the interviewer,” as much as they are interviewing you, we’ll help you with the questions you should be asking.

You also want to get a good sense of your potential new employer’s expectations of you, what their culture is like from the inside, and the overall corporate persona. Now it’s time for the interview.

When it’s time to shine, you’ll be ready!

From our previous post:

“The interview is like getting to the Superbowl, and you’re in it to win it.

You may have multiple interviews. Some may be virtual, and others may be in person. The bottom line, though, is you need to perform well every time.

You’ve “been there and done that” regarding job responsibilities, and you’re ready for any new challenges.

Now is the time to show up, be confident, and stand out.”


We have an unsurpassed level of success when it comes to job placements. And the reason is simple—we invest in every candidate and every hiring company equally, as if they were our only client.

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